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Quinta do Paço da Serrana


Rehabilitation works are progressing at Quinta do Paço da Serrana, where the Cinfanense explorer Alexandre Alberto da Rocha de Serpa Pinto - 1846/1900, a famous explorer in Africa, lived.

Quinta do Paço da Serrana, overlooking the Douro River and close to Cinfães, is a farm with about 19 ha of inestimable heritage and natural value, which will be the subject of intervention and requalification by the Municipality of Cinfães.

The intervention includes the rehabilitation of the main house (where an interactive museum dedicated to the legacy of Serpa Pinto will be created), the stone oven and the chapel.

The project also includes the requalification of the approximately 19 ha of forested area, where pedestrian paths, nature, fauna and flora observation points will be created, the recovery of some buildings and an educational farm.

FOCUS GROUP developed projects for the requalification of the natural space (landscape architecture) and the rehabilitation of existing buildings (architecture).

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